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Learn nine essential strategies to support your neck and spine, reduce pain, and improve your quality of life – without medication or surgery.

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A Word From Author, Dr. Ken Hansraj

“The health of your back is essential to your overall wellness―not just your physical health, but your clarity of mind, emotional balance, and quality of life,” says Dr. Hansraj. Watch Your Back is an essential resource for anyone suffering from back issues―with powerful self-care methods to help you recover the joy and freedom of a healthy spine.

Dr. Ken Hansraj
Best Selling Author, Health Consultant, and Spine Surgeon.

What's In Watch Your Back?

A Straightforward, Proven Program

Take the health of your spine and neck into your own hands. Here, he offers nine potent strategies with simple, specific directions on what to do to strengthen your back and make your spine supple:


special instructions for self-care at your desk or while using electronic devices


develop good habits for lifting, reaching, turning, and repetitive motion


targeted practices for increasing your back’s strength and suppleness


tips and tools to help you get healthy, rejuvenating rest


guidance on mindfulness, stress reduction, and meditations for pain relief

Deep Breathing

to dissolve stress and get an instant posture fix


guidance for breaking out of a sedentary lifestyle


the essentials of a pain-killing diet


ways to cultivate emotional resilience to keep your body and mind healthy

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Back problems are the leading cause of disability worldwide―and most of us will endure acute or chronic back pain at some time in our lives.

Surgery and painkillers are not the only answers. Spine and neck expert Dr. Ken Hansraj offers alternative solutions. “There are effective exercises, habits, and techniques you can practice―anytime, anyplace―that will significantly improve, if not completely heal, your back pain.” Now this renowned clinician and leading researcher presents a comprehensive guide to help you overcome physical, mental, and emotional factors that contribute to back problems.

In Watch Your Back, Dr. Hansraj offers a straightforward, proven program for taking the health of your spine and neck into your own hands. Here, he offers nine potent strategies with simple, specific directions on what to do to strengthen your back and make your spine supple.

What Experts Are Saying

Read highlighted endorsements from leaders in health, wellness, and innovation.

“With over 12 billion impressions online, Dr. Ken is one of the world’s most celebrated orthopedic surgeons. His latest work is a blueprint for neck and spine care and how its health is essential to our overall well-being.”

Richard Rubenstein

President, Rubenstein Public Relations

“Learn to reduce the harms of belly fat, text neck, and sitting disease. Master the nine practical ways to keep your spine young, supple, and pain-free. Watch Your Back is a must-read.”

Shiv Kumar Sarin, MD

Professor, Vice-chancellor and former chairman of Medical Council of India, President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of India and recipient of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar prize and the Parma Bushan

“This is GOOD medicine.”

Jack Kornfield

Author of A Path With Heart

“A groundbreaking game plan for your neck and back care.”

Patrick F. O'Leary, MD

Associate professor of spine surgery, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York

“Back pain continues to be a prevalent problem. Far too many people are restricted from full enjoyment of life because of acute and chronic back pain. Dr. Hansraj provides an innovative, evidence-based, up-to-the-minute plan of action to reduce back pain and suffering.”

Charles G. Fisher, MD, MHSc, FRCSC

Professor and Head―Division of Spine Surgery, University of British Columbia and Vancouver General Hospital

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